frequently asked questions

where are you located? can i work with you if i’m in a different city?

I’m located in topanga, CA, but all of my consultation services, including the healing sessions are available no matter where in the world you live! all appointments will be in pacific standard time, which you might consider when scheduling your sessions.

what is your rate?

My rate for a conscious dressing consultation is listed on my scheduling site and also through the ‘get dressed’ button on the main page.

do you offer any other services like personal shopping?

currently, my only offering is the consultation, which includes 10 shop-able pieces for you to purchase if you’d like or guide you in your future selections. my intention for the consult is to empower you with knowledge to go into a store, whether online or in-person and have a solid grasp on which pieces best suit you.

will you come to my home in LA instead of a digital consult?

in order to maintain my rates and a consistent offering, the consultation is only available digitally. with the video call, you’re able to have a recorded consult to refer back to as you go through your closet and as a refresher in future.

what if i’d like to have a conscious dressing consult, but i’m not quite ready to make clothing purchases?

no problem! if you’d like to go through the first part of the process and wait a couple of months until you’re in the right place to make purchases that’s just fine. the guidelines for your sartorial selections will remain the same.

what if i have special wardrobe requirements like vegan or only organic cotton fabrics?

i appreciate mindful dressing and am happy to accommodate any guidelines that best meet your needs. Please make note of this either in your questionnaire or in our initial consultation.