About jenny

my journey as a wardrobe healer has been long and indirect. having grown up with a passion for aesthetics and a creative mind, i’ve also always wanted to pursue a career path that helped others. i started out as a physical therapist, which among other places, took me to Nyc. while i was there i decided to finally listen to that calling to a more creative pursuit.

as a fashion stylist assistant in NY i worked on advertising + editorial shoots for elle, glamour, bloomingdale’s, bergdorf goodman, LANCÔME, and kenneth cole, to name a few. feeling unfulfilled + wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, I left new york and briefly went to one of my favorite cities, amsterdam, for inspiration and a reset. from there, moving back to oklahoma, where i grew up, i was able to dive deeper into my own creativity and began offering personal + bridal styling services.

my path next led me to Los angeles, where i currently live + love. I’ve grown in knowledge about the mind-body approach, the emotions we hold and how they impact our health. my gifts developed into a new offering as an integrative physical therapist + midnbody healer practicing craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular energy release, chakra balancing, and other healing modalities to bring the body into optimal alignment + function.

through this knowledge, I’ve tapped deeper into my intuitive gifts as a stylist and also learned how color choice, fabric selection, and emotions play a role not only in dressing, but also in support of healing our bodies from the inside out. through this my conscious dressing offering was born + i hope will be impactful in changing the trajectory of the health + happiness of women in whatever stage of life they’re in.