Jenny Wirt
Jenny Wirt
wardrobe healer

Feel f*ing magical in your clothes


Conscious dressing from the inside out with Wardrobe Healer, Jenny Wirt


You deserve to feel radiant, magnetic and excited in what you wear each day


The act of getting ready is a celebration of your individual expression



If you’re on the journey, then you know that life is all about transitions and that your external world is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally.


Imagine someone was able to connect you to your personal style and aesthetic, beautiful clothes to wear from brands you love, that you felt you could fully express yourself in.


Jenny takes a holistic approach to styling and believes in the power of wardrobe to create shifts in health, emotions, creativity, work, and life. believing That every woman deserves to feel f*ing magical in her body and in what she wears, every day.




conscious dressing

Here’s what to expect:

*  Upon booking you will receive a questionnaire in your inbox to complete prior to our call.

* During our call we will go over inspiration, aesthetics, current challenges in daily dressing, and what you hope to achieve in working together.

* You will receive … mood board, guidelines to dress to best accentuate body shape, skin tone, and aestheic??

This is for you if you’re experiencing any of the following:

* you feel you don’t have the right clothes to fully express your aesthetic

* you’re unclear on how to pair pieces

* you’re going through a physical transition such as pregnancy or weight loss/gain and need guidance

* you don’t feel radidant, magnetic, or excited when you get ready each day



Through a unique process of wardrobe selections that support deeper healing, you will gain knowledge around fabrics, eco conscious brands, specific suggestions and tools that you can use forever, customized to your body shape and skin tone, and knowledge on how color and intention impact your health.

* (Timeframe?)

* A 30 minute remote energy session to guide our work together. Based on what’s going on internally, we will curate your color palette.

* Mood board reflective of your personal style personas.

* 10 shop-able pieces via Pinterest reflective of your ideal aesthetic, body shape, and skin tone.

* Balancing for your masculine/feminine energies and chakra system.

* Unique styling tips and how to tune into your intuition as you dress each day. This information will empower you in making future selections that are aligned with your true self.


up close + personal